Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Some people cannot distinguished between the blurred lines.

I stumbled across this article, TIME Magazine is Wrong. Rape Culture Does Exist, and was pretty speechless. In the article it talks about a Time's article in which the author Caroline Kitchens, says more or less that the idea of this rape culture, an environment in which rape is highly prevalent, normalized and excused by the society’s media, popular culture, and political figures, in today society is false and that there is no such thing. Kitchens even said in her article that "rape is certainly a serious problem, (but) there’s no evidence that it’s considered a cultural norm… Rape culture theory is doing little to help victims, but its power to poison the minds of young women and lead to hostile environments for innocent males is immense."http://thehumanist.com/commentary/time-magazine-is-wrong-rape-culture-does-exist

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