Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The "Butt Selfie Queen"--Is this really a thing?!

Instagram 'celebrity' Jen Selter was recently featured in Vanity Fair magazine. She is known for her famous "butt selfies". Although I think the whole thing is a little ridiculous and do not care for Instagram in general, I also think it is problematic. This girl has essentially been named "Queen of the Asses" (Jezebel) by Vanity Fair as they attempt to make even women's body parts trendy in the article that follows. Let's set one thing straight--body parts are not trends! To act as if this woman has kicked off a 'butt trend' is ridiculous. Especially because this is a trait that has always been recognized and celebrated in Latina and black communities for years. Take, for example JLO or even Sir Mix A Lot's 90s hit 'Baby Got Back'. Carmiah Townes writes "The article's incorporation of hashtags — including "belfies" (butt selfies) — perpetuates the idea that curves are new, trendy, covetable accessories, thereby dismissing women of color whose curves existed long before it was fashionable to have them, and whose bodies have been critiqued throughout history."

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