Saturday, April 12, 2014

Women in Law Enforcement: Women Working in a Man’s World

By Christine Rachuy


Female Police Officers

I found this article to be quite interesting, because I believe that women can work in a man’s world, and be both effective and successful. Even though Law Enforcement is a great career path for those who have a passion for public safety, women have not always played an intricate part in Law Enforcement. According to Rachuy (2010), women have made up just a small percentage of police forces in years past. I work at a law enforcement agency, and the agency is comprised of two female officers, two female sergeants, and one female detective. These ladies give 100 percent effort to their jobs, and they are very efficient as well. I can imagine that a job of this sort could be considered dangerous to some women, while other women will take the challenges of this profession and make it work for them. Rachuy (2010) contends that some women officers have the ability to diffuse situations better, because of their communication skills. In my opinion, because women are nurtures, and can use their communication skills very well, they can be a valuable asset to a Law Enforcement Agency.


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