Thursday, April 10, 2014

Men on the couch: A female counsellor reveals why the opposite sex hides their emotions and what they REALLY want

For so long, men have been taught that they have to be strong, and that they cannot show their true emotions, because by showing emotions, they could be viewed as being  weak or soft. I found this article to be very interesting, because it negates all of the myths and stereotypes, concerning men and their emotions. In this article, the author, Andrea Blundell, who is a psychologist, points out different things concerning men and their emotions. One of the things that author points out is, that when men hide their emotions, the emotions will manifest in a different or unexpected way. For example, one of her clients, who had childhood issues, manifested those suppressed feelings, by being angry at all females.


Process of discovery: Andrea learnt a lot about men from her counselling sessions


Blundell also points out, that a man will keep his emotions buried within, and unseen by both himself and women, which is why there is some difficulty with getting a male to open up, and to express his true feelings.


Fed up: Many men get frustrated by the expectations women place upon them in a relationship (posed by models)


Additionally, Blundell contends that men will take their emotions to heart, meaning they can only handle so much. For instance, with all of the expectations of men concerning their emotions, men can get a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to be strong and non-emotional. Lastly, the author postulates, that men will function better, emotionally, if the expectations of having to be a certain, strong way is lifted, and he can just simply be loved, without limitations or expectations.


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