Sunday, April 20, 2014

Offensive Snicker's Ad Insinuates Men are Naturally Sexist Pigs

A new Snicker's ad came out in Australia having construction workers, who are male, yelling at female pedestrians. Most of the ad has them talking about sexism, and how those girls look good and to have nice day. The ad then precedes to say you are not you when you are hungry. That is implying that men are do not care about gender equality, that they were not acting like themselves because they were hungry.
The whole ad plays the idea of equality and sexist societal ideas as something that is not normal/natural for men to think about, and even worse, that they do not care about. With the idea of them saying this things and then saying you are not yourself when hungry, this implies that men are naturally sexist, and that they could never possibly believe in women's equality. Just another sexist ad, this time saying men cannot empathize or care about women other than for sexual purposes.

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