Sunday, April 13, 2014

Honey maid-This is Wholesome

If anyone hasn't seen this commercial yet here it is:

It's really lovely to see all different types of family being represented. The commercial shows a family with two dads, an interracial family, a single father (or stay at home father, the video just shows the dad getting the son dressed), a family of color with a parent in the military and a two parent (mom & dad) family where the father is covered in tattoos.

Of course the infamous conservative group One Million Moms had something to say about the commercial. They said that the company (Nabisco) was "attempting to normalize sin.

The commercial also caused a lot of stir on twitter with many people tweeting disapproving and hateful comments, so the company responded with this video:

It's wonderful to see a company stick by what they believe and see that the country is progressing and changing. It seems like a little thing but more and more children and adults are seeing themselves represented in media in ways that they never have before.

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