Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Toys for Girls. Toys for Boys. Toys for both?

Today, I read an article about a 7 year old girl writing to the LEGO company about making more girl Lego sets that have jobs, adventures, and even get to save people...like the boy Legos. All the girl Legos do is go shopping or stay at home. I am not sure of the validity of the letter, or if the Lego company has any idea that this is even a thing. What I am sure of is that toy companies do assign gender roles. Toy aisles are separated. Pink for girls, blue for boys. Have you ever seen an ad for a new Barbie or baby doll with a boy in it?  Now, yes, kids have an imagination, and can make any Lego of any sex do as they please. However, children mimic what they see. If they see that the girl toys promote home making, and wearing make up, they are going to grow up thinking that is the role for women. If a little boy sees toys promoting being a ninja, cowboy, or a fire fighter, they are going to grow up thinking that men are not supposed to want to stay home, and cook and clean. They are supposed to do the "manly" jobs that the women cannot do, and never EVER pick up a Barbie. It is important for parents to instill the ideas in their children that there is not any definition of what is for boys, and what is for girls. If the toy market is any indication, it looks like that is not what is happening.



Amanda Planta said...

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Amanda Planta said...

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