Monday, April 21, 2014

changing masculinity present day

new masculinity      I'm glad a program like this exist I'm interested in learning more about simply because of this quote from the CEO of this non profit.

"I see a world where men are taking individual and collective action to create healthier and more nurturing communities. When I look at the immense amount of violence perpetrated by men, when I look at child abuse and domestic violence, or when I look at the staggering statistics about men committing suicide, or other problems like obesity, fatherlessness, and addiction ... I feel compelled to action. The men I know in the ManKind Project feel the same way. We want a better world for our wives and partners, for our kids and grandkids. We take action to make changes at the root of the issue ... with fundamental beliefs and behaviors connected to masculinity. We create a new way of being a man in a world that really needs good men."

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