Thursday, April 10, 2014

Men too, can wear Pink!

This post is written on more of a personal note, because I think that men can wear the color pink, and can wear it well. In my opinion, pink is a very complimentary color for men. However, my husband thinks differently. For some strange reason, my husband feels as though the color pink is a feminine color, that should only worn by women. He feels that if he wears the color pink, then he would be associated with being "soft". When we are out shopping, and I attempt to get him to buy a pink shirt, some of the comments that I hear are; "I am not soft", "This color is for a lady", "I am not wearing a pink shirt", etc. It is my hopes, that one day he will realize that men too can wear the color pink, and that they can wear it well, without being labeled as being "soft".

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