Saturday, April 19, 2014

Positive masculinity

I saw this story on YouTube and I loved it because it goes against social norm.  We have been talking about masculinity and I blogged about male violence but I wanted to search for the positivity in masculinity.  I believe that this video is proof that there are boys, and young men who believe in doing the right thing.  The young lady in the video is Chy Johnson, a special need girl from Arizona Queen Creek High School, who has been bullied since she started school.  Her mom heard about the bullying and how it affected her daughter negatively.  Through email, she contacted one of the football varsity quarterback, to help protect her daughter and confront the bullies.  Chy was seating by herself at the lunch table and the quarterback and the whole football team sat invited to eat with them, they walked her to and from class.  They basically, took care of her and after that the bullying stopped.  Chy is happy now and has formed a strong friendship bond with the football team.  This is type of teaching that children should be learning.  Violence does not have to be confronted with violence; sometimes a gesture of love could be the solution to stop violence.  I wish that the boys and young men in our society would follow this example.  What if during a frat party, most of the guy said confronted other guys who would try to take advantage of girl who was intoxicated? What if a group of men would stand out against a husband who they believe beats his wife and children?  What is group of celebrity men stood up against rappers who uses homophobic slurs in their songs and video?  I believe that it would bring a strong positive change to masculinity and help in the movement of feminism as well.

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