Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Suit and Tie in the 217"

I wish that the media would show the other version of Black male, such as the scholar, the volunteer, the engineer, the lawyer, the nurse, and the father who works hard to takes care of his family.  There are too many images of young black male being killed or serving sentences in prison.  A minority honor roll group of male students from Central High School in Champaign, Ill, made a video called "Suit and Tie in the 217 based on the Justin Timberlake popular song "Suit and tie”.  They want to show the public that they are not gangsters and thugs but hard working students who want to succeed in their studies and in life.  These are the videos that should be circulating in the media, instead of the show "Cops” and "Lockup".  We want Black male to change and do better, yet we support those negative shows and leave any type of progress made by Black men in the media obscurity.

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