Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Anatomical Possibilities Are Endless

Watch this video. Intersexuality makes me question the the dichotomies of maleness and femaleness. It does not make since to me for us to have have created either or identities when we all recognize that we are not just one specific idea. When someone asks to describe myself I do the best that I can but to fully describe the self is complex because there is something about Identity that is unknown even to myself; I don't know if I am going to believe and be the same person 10 years from now. It does not make sense to conclude that I fully associate myself with an idea of how a woman should be. Why can't I just live without such social pressure of what it means to masculine or feminine? I could only imagine how intersexuals would feel if these ideologies were placed upon them, they would be confuse how they should associate themselves with others but I think it would be more psychologically pleasurable to figure that out for themselves rather than being that they are to be a certain way or to fix their genitals that would prove that they are "female" or "male." I think that Intersexuals are living proof that Men and Women are different but not that much. They may have a defect but we should not treat them any less lets learn from them to learn something about ourselves. 

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