Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's MY day! I'm the BRIDE!

There is a David's Bridal ad that is quite offensive....to BOTH sexes.


^^^ This is the link to the specific commercial

When I first saw this commercial, I realized how ugly David's Bridal portrays the idea of a wedding day. The bride only cares about how she looks, and not only does she not care about the groom's feelings on that day, but neither does anyone else at the wedding. You would be lying if you said you haven't seen or heard of any of the bride shows that constantly promote the idea that it's the bride's day, and the groom is just an accessory. The groom just stands back. He doesn't have much say about the day that begins their marriage. I feel that this can relate to the idea that it is not masculine to care about details in a wedding that the women "should be" in charge of. An example of these details are colors, flowers, and even the wedding dance song. None of that is on the top of the groom's list on things to care about. But why? Men should be involved in the planning of a wedding, because a marriage is between two people. If his idea is that he is the "invisible man", what does that say about his future marriage?

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