Monday, April 21, 2014

The Masculine Mystique

The Masculine Mystique--NY Times

" 'The whole thing is really strange, and sometimes I can’t — ” he said, his voice evaporating into the wonder of it all. He was not even sure how to identify Ms. Tutera, gender-wise. Was she transgender or just mannish? Sometimes it was hard to know such things. What he knew was that she had changed his life. “When we started this business, it was for money,” he said. “And now it’s not. It was the emotion, the excitement that people had, that became everything for the company. At least for me. You don’t expect to turn a corner and that’s what you’re going to find.' " For most of her life, Ms. Tutera said, this meant choosing between clothes that did not fit her physique and those that did not fit her sense of self. I think this is a really awesome idea--to make clothes more sex-neutral or at least able to accommodate either sex. When you think about it, doesn't it seem a little crazy that clothing items are sex-specific in regards to style? Who gets to decide what a female should wear as opposed to a male?  This article is a sign of improvement in regards to gender constraints. 

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