Monday, April 21, 2014

Yes, that’s Snoop Dogg’s hand … reinventing hip hop masculinity

Being tough is a full-time job, and sometimes the best way to unwind is a good old-fashioned French manicure. At least that’s how Snoop Dogg (a.k.a. Snoop Lion) seems to feel:
But when the 42-year-old rapper posted this Instagram photo of his untouchably fly nail game — courtesy Hey, Nice Nails! — he also drew the derision of his peers. And if there’s one thing Snoop won’t take lying down, it’s derision.
According to the Angie Review, fellow rapper 50 Cent reposted the above image and added this caption in a now-deleted Instagram post: “What the f#ck is going on snoop. Talk to me about this one man,Damn #smsaudio.”
Shots fired. Snoop could have responded by taking shots at 50’s debatably relevant music career or his odd decision to use this post to plug his headphone company, SMS Audio. Instead, he chose to explain why his nails exist on a plane way above 50’s basic realm of comprehension:
"Pimpin," Snoop wrote. "That’s what it is spooned n groomed dipped n whipped suited n booted gooted n looted. Real playas keep they nails fly fresh n dipped at the tip. I does what I does cuZ but but please believe me. Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. BTW. This still crip. So fuxk. The haters jus wanted my nefew 50 to know the dynamics to what his big homie on !! Now for u haters. Suck d*ck or die trying. Hahahahahahahah I’m out. Much love 50. Get money !! cuzz I am."
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