Sunday, April 6, 2014

Star of "Orange is The New Black" Expresses Support for Suspended Trans Student

The article that I am discussing is about  how Laverne Cox who is the Star of  the TV show "Orange is the New Black" issued a statement in support of a Central Piedmont Community College Student named Andraya Williams who alleges she was harassed and suspended for being a transgender woman.

Andraya Williams claims that campus security harassed her for using the women's restroom in a campus building and then was escorted out by multiple security officers. She says that  when she tried to file grievances about the incident  with the campus administrator that she had very misleading conversations and was told she had no right because she was a transgender student.

Laverne Cox said that  this incident is the kind of systemic discrimination that often makes transpeople feel unsafe just living their lives as well as pursuing our dreams. She also mentioned that 78% of all trans and gender nonconforming  students in grade K-12 experience harassment and bullying at school. Central Piedmont Community College released a pretty non-specific, unapologetic statement of their own.

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