Monday, April 21, 2014

Strong Women vs. Powerful Men

I am fortunate enough to work at a publication whose edit and design team are comprised of women -- and it's not a women's magazine. My editor-in-chief, senior editor, photo editor, designer, and myself all work every day to compose a magazine on advanced scuba diving, which may be thought of as a male sport. (A fun side note, my senior editor just returned from a dive trip in Cuba. Where she swam with crocodiles. Talk about impressive!)

However, the people in charge of the publishing company I am employed by -- the CEOs who bring home checks that I can only dream about -- are all men. Why is this? Why is it that with so many brazen, brilliant and ballsy women in the publishing field, men are still the driving force? And, moreover, why aren't more men focused on the editorial aspect of the business?

It makes me think that, in line with gender roles, men seek employment that raises them above the pay grade. They feel that they need to compete with one another, and as a result they seek out the jobs that offer more money and status. Whereas women (or maybe just me, specifically) care less about the money and more about the passion for the job we're doing.

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