Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breasts, Chest Binding, and Gender Representation

I've been thinking a lot about the role of breasts in regards to displays of femininity and the barrier that they can pose for people who are attempting to present as more masculine. I feel very different and am treating very differently depending upon the degree to which my clothing and undergarments displays or hides my chest. I think also frequently about the way that men are derided for having "moobs" - or man boobs - and the constant desire for our culture to maintain obvious sexual dimorphism.

The topic of chest binding to make ones breast appear less prominent - or fully obscured - was something that I had always sort of fantasized about, but had been fully discouraged from given the mixed information regarding long-term physical implications and possibly safety concerns. As the internet has become both more vast and accessible, I've found a number of really informative resources for people with breasts who are wanting to alter their appearance. Recently, - a truly awesome website aimed towards women, the lgbt community, and all those concentric circles in between - posted an article with personal experiences on chest binding and recommendations for those considering binding or wanting to know how to do it more safely.

I truly recommend the article for anyone who has considered binding or is wanting to know more about the motivations and implications of the practice.

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