Saturday, April 12, 2014

Programs for Single Fathers

By Lauren Mills

This article is an eye opener for me, because I was not aware there many single fathers around. I was a single mother for 13 years, so I assumed that single mothers were more prevalent than single fathers. According to this article, 2.6 million households in the United States are comprised of single fathers.

Programs for Single FathersSingle parenting can be quite challenging, but according to Mills (2013), in challenging times, single fathers should enlist the help of various family members and friends, to help them through the challenges that comes with single parenting. Additionally, there are various support programs for single fathers. One of the programs available, is The Fatherhood Project. The Fatherhood Project offers parenting training, counseling services, community resources, etc. for the single fathers. Another program that is available for single fathers is The National Fatherhood Initiative, which is an organization that offers information to, fathers, regarding parenting, pregnancies among teenagers, suicide and abuse prevention. The single fathers really should access all of the resources available to them, because single parenting can be quite challenging, but is can be done with the proper resources.


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