Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Male's Silent Escape from Gender Confines

This afternoon I happened across an article that highlighted extraordinary transformation of masculinity in our culture.  Men are redefining their relationships with women, their children, work and sexuality.  These transformations are happening silently one individual at a time.  Their is not a male voice leading the way, or a cohesive group or movement to grasp on to. Despite this lack of leadership or cohesion men are escaping gender confines of the past.

  The article points to female centrality in the private arena as the reason that men are having trouble finding their voice.  That "private Matriarchy" makes it hard for men to make personal decisions.  The author also claims that men who try to voice their opinions about change are ridiculed by women and are therefore silenced.

 I found the perspective of the article interesting.  I agree with the author in his statement that men and women need to work together to change our views of gender.  I also agree that men have had restricted mobility but I am not convinced that a "private matriarchy" is the true culprit.


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