Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Hell Damned Homos

I have been raised within the southern baptist church; my father is a pastor, my grandfather is a pastor as well as my uncle. I have been taught that marriage should be between a man and women of the same race and beliefs. It sounds the ideal but it isn't really because it doesn't allow the self. To be in such a relationship you most likely would be nonexistent. In Genesis, it talks about the man and woman are supposed to leave their fathers and mothers so they can be " one flesh." It is relieving to know that Adam claimed this, not God, because it reassures us that man has been the creator of all hate against homosexuals. To have well being is to love yourself, your neighbor and God. It is difficult to decipher the bible because there are different messages by separate leaders who have "seen" or "felt" God's word spoken through them. We often find and claim that it is contradictory, which is in fact the case. It would not make since to say, " Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. And love your neighbor as yourself." How can you love yourself when people tell you not to? How can you love when all you see is hate? All abomination means is unnatural or not traditional. It does not matter if it non-traditional, it is okay. Do you really think that God is going to damn you to hell? Probably not. I don't know but he tells you to love yourself you should probably do so in order to love him and others. You may not be damned by God but more than anything you may be damned by his people who are indecisive and uneducated about the biblical text. Love yourself, whats the harm?

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