Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Art of Manliness

Why are men always taught to fight? Why are they always supposed to be masculine and tough?

I thought this Illustrated guide on how to throw a punch was a bit funny. It makes me think of how men are put in the "man box" and are taught to be strong and to know how to fight. Apparently there are also illustrations on how to throw a punch. I don't think that men need an illustration on how to be manly or on how to throw a punch. Men shouldn't be expected to be strong and tough, sometimes that isn't who they are and they shouldn't be ridiculed because of it. However, fighting and violence enforced by both men and women. In the sense that women enforce men to be tough by expecting protection from them. While men assert their dominance on other men by using violence. Violence can also be towards women. It makes you wonder, why are men being taught to fight if its only used to show dominance.

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