Friday, April 4, 2014

Different ways to educate boys and men about male violence

One of my friends posted this link on Facebook, from everyday feminism; the link was about different ways that you can talk to your son about violence.  After reading and watching the movie and reading assignment on Male violence, I was intrigued to read a little more.  In our society we do not talk about how little boy are being raised to become man, about how society shows them not to act like little girls.  They are bombarded with messages on television and from family and friends on how to behave as a boy and later on as a man.  It is no wonder that some men turn to violence in order to deal with their emotions.  It is wrong but in order for men to change their ways concerning violence different approaches are necessary to break this pattern.  

Sandra Kim, a writer from everyday feminism, wrote this article on November, 7th, 2012, an older article but the information still stands today for our boys, young men and adult men who are conformed to the mental way that society would accept them.  In the article she explains that choices to other forms of masculinity should be shown or taught to boys and men.  They should be able to see other male role model.  They should be shown how the perfect man portrayed by the media is fictional.  They should be shown the difference between behavior that are accepted and the behavior that they portray themselves and if this is a behavior they think is acceptable to continue doing, such as being the alpha male or being violent against women. They should also be thought how men who choose to be non violent are helping to eradicate violence in society. 
One group that uses those principle to teach boys, young men and men is the Men Can Stop Rape, which has a violence prevention called Men of Strength Clubs.  They educate them about masculinity and to have relationships that are healthy.

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