Saturday, April 5, 2014

The "Be a man" Mask

The Mask You Live In is a short film by The Representation Group, which shows that boys and men are taught at a young age to wear a mask to hide their feelings, or emotions and show that they are strong at all times.  The representation group is a movement, which uses short films and media resources to fight against gender biases, and injustice.  In the film, boys are told that they have to "be a man", which means to be tough and repress any feelings, caring and emotions.  Men who display strong emotions are seen as weak in our society, however, men have a need to bond with each other and the mask of being a man, blocks any strong bond they might find with each other.  If everyone is trying to be strong and no display his or her emotion, it will have to come out one way or another, which may take the form of violence or suicide.  
Men should be taught by other men how to show their emotions and that it is ok to be a man with strong emotion, being a caring men or boy does not reduce their masculinity but enhances it.

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