Saturday, November 12, 2016

48 Things Men Hear in a Lifetime

This was a concise video that mentioned many of the things men are told from the time they are young boys. The things they are told (e.g., "Boys don't cry;" "You throw like a girl;" "Boys will be boys;" "Are you on your period;" "You're going to let her talk to you like that;" "You better keep that daughter of yours locked up") are not only very damaging to them, but also to girls and women. When you tell a child that "boys don't cry," you are telling them that expressing emotions makes them inferior and only girls are allowed to do that. So what does that say about girls? That they are automatically assumed to be inferior or lesser? When you tell a father "you better keep that daughter of yours locked up," are you suggesting to him that his daughter is property and he should protect it from being stolen? To suggest these things dehumanizes women and gives men the idea that they are "better" than women and it is their responsibility to control or tame them.

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