Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald Trump and Masculinity

In this audio clip of Donald Trump, he admits to sexually assaulting women. As a woman, this angered me beyond words. Trump was not only admitting to sexual assault, but he was bragging about it while Billy Bush laughed along. The way that Trump talks about women and treats women is nothing new. It is nothing new for women to be sexually harassed and assaulted while men brag about their conquests. But this man has become our president-elect. This is the kind of masculinity that is being promoted to our young boys and men in this country. People like to say that it's just "talk," that what Donald Trump said did not actually mean anything. But now he has been elected to be our president and men and young boys everywhere have learned that it's okay to "grab them by the pussy." Since Trump has been elected president, I have heard stories of men saying these exact words and then attempting to sexually assault the women they say this to. Just the other day, I took my dog outside for a walk and there were to other girls walking on the sidewalk and I hear a boy yell out of his car as he is passing by, "Grab them by the pussy!" This kind of masculinity is dangerous. It promotes the idea that men can have anything or take anything they want, including women. This kind of masculinity does not see other women as human beings, but as sex objects. This kind of masculinity puts my safety and the safety of other women in danger.

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