Monday, November 14, 2016

The Mishandling of Great Power...

Ideology is not the reason for a man to be violent towards a woman--his respect for the other gender is tantamount to the carefulness or carelessness he will show for the woman. In our modern society, although a lot of men assume powerful roles, they recognize the fact that women should not be treated badly.

 However, mishandling “power” may result to the abuse of people who do not assume it. Let’s consider capitalism as an example. Capitalism is not inherently wrong but the measures that some capitalist take to maintain their power and wealth in the society may lead to the abuse of minimum wage workers. The male gender ideology can be analyzed in this manner as well. Assuming power is not inherently wrong. However, violence against another person may occur once a person of power loses respect for people who do not assume it.

Different abuses results from mishandling the notion of being powerful. Uncle Ben is correct in saying, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Men have to responsible enough to balance respect and their gender ideology as powerful. Regardless if their relationship with others are professional, casual, or romantic in nature, a person who assumes that he/ she is powerful should also consider that respect for people is important as well. Thus, I don’t think that the male gender ideology of being powerful will directly causes him to be violent---his character will. A man should recognize that male and females are naturally different and a man should also recognize that a woman is physically weaker but they are never in control of a woman’s life or any life for that matter

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