Monday, November 21, 2016

Drake & Fragile Masculinity

Drake recently did a commercial promoting apple music through Taylor Swift's song "Bad Blood." In the commercial Drake is working out with his trainer, when his trainer leaves he turns on "Bad Blood" and ends up dropping the weights. The commercial ends with the phrase "distractingly good." There is one tweet that comments on the one minute commercial that is receiving a lot of backlash.

Many people on twitter are calling out the commentator's "fragile masculinity."

Check out the video here: 

What makes this individual's masculinity fragile is the fact that he believes Drake "took an L" for singing along and dancing to a Taylor Swift song. Taylor Swift's music is often times seen as music that appeals to young girls and women more than anyone else. The fact that Drake seems to be enjoying her music in this video threatens masculinity. To be masculine one must not seem too feminine. By enjoying Taylor Swift, Drake is deemed as not being manly enough. When someone's masculinity is threatened by the actions of others, they are seen to have a "fragile masculinity," since it can be jeopardized at any point. 

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