Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Men Go Shirtless And Talk About Body Shaming

This article by the Huffington Post is not something I was expecting to encounter as it is based around how body shaming is also prominent for males as it is for females. It goes on to tell the story of 19 males who pose shirtless and recount their own personal feelings towards their bodies as well as their bodies in comparison to other men their age. It makes a key point where it states “men may have a harder time accessing communication tools to express their insecurities and work through them”. This is also very true for male victims of sexual assault because as a general consensus not many individuals believe that 1- men are victims of sexual assault and 2- men are also in search of the “perfect” body and affected by body shaming. It goes to show that as a society we are many times so focused on making the female gender the “victim” and portraying women as the lesser gender that has to overcome so many obstacles, such as maintaining a successful career, creating and tending to a family, obtaining the perfect body, and other ideals, that we tend to forget that the male gender also suffers from most, if not all, of these same constant pressures.

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