Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog 1: Violent Masculinity


I think that the woman was wrong first but the man was more wrong second. When she was hitting or trying to hit him he could have just drove away or walked where she cannot see him so she can cool off. She kept saying get away and he would slowly walk towards her anyway to provoke her. She was in her car and he was hitting her for no reason and then he dragged her out of her car just to beat on her. He was not under threat enough to go as far as he did. When the man was attacking the woman she could not get away or even have that as a choice. Men do not want to be seen running away from a woman because society would question him about being a wuss, even though it would have been the smartest thing. He is stuck in “the man box”. He did not want to back down from a woman basically. If it was me in her shoes, I would not hit him after the first round of slaps because he will just do that again. He put her on the ground after she kind of slapped him and he knew it was being filmed after she told him. I honestly cannot watch this video again because it makes me sick. People learn these degrading behaviors towards women from watching things like WWE, for example. She should go to jail for spitting and kicking his car and the man should go to jail for using excessive force. She barely hit him, so he should have used the same force if he could not get away. For anyone who disagrees with me on this I will say that I do not know what caused this situation or if it involved a custody battle. Also I do not know them personally or at all. I am just sharing my opinion about what I seen on the video only.

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