Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Can Men be Feminists?

Can Men be Feminists?

Someone might have previously touched on this topic, however I this is an ongoing argument in feminism. I would love everyone’s feedback on this topic. Personally, I never questioned the role of men in feminism because I have always believed feminism applied to men, as well as women. In the words of bell hooks, “Feminism is for everybody.” All men should be able to be a part of a movement that promotes gender equality. Feminism benefits men in more ways than people may think. Feminism is about dismantling patriarchy so men do not have to continue to be told how to “act like men.” With feminism, men would not have any type of power over woman and would not have to be pressured to be the “man” society tells them to be. In reality men are the greatest allies to the feminist movement because they are able to use their privilege to reach out to other men and inform them about the feminist movement.

This article is from Brian Klocke who explains his viewpoint on why men cannot be considered “feminists” http://nomas.org/roles-of-men-with-feminism-and-feminist-theory/

I believe Klocke makes some very valid points in his article. I guess the main issue is if men should identify as feminists or "anti-sexist"? At first, I didn’t understand the differences between these. My initial answer was “Yes, of course men should be feminists. Male feminism implied both that women must be taught by men how to win their rights. I can agree that men cannot remove themselves from their power and privilege in relation to women. Feminists do not want to be told how they should perceive their own oppression by the dominant group who cannot relate to it. There are men who start to become patronizing when they believe they know more about the movement than the people who started it.

What are your opinions on this? Can men be feminists or is it better to call men "anti-sexist"?

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