Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog 3: Queer Masculinity


I love this video, Britain’s got Talent, because this man named, Saulo Sarmiento, looks masculine with his toned muscles but it comes with a twist. Do not judge a hunk by his muscles because this man is a professional pool dancer. He uses his masculine looking strength to do something that is typically a woman’s hobbies and/or career. The thing that makes him so special is that he does it just as good if not better than a lot of females. His muscles did not get in the way of his feminine movements such as; pointing his toes, swinging in circles, throwing his head back and even touching his own body in a sensual manner. His flexibility and elegant moves won him an award for his performance in Cirque du Soleil. His part in this show was even more beautiful than the first video. He had floor work added, it was almost like a ballet and interpreted dancing theme put together. Some could say he moves like a gymnast too even though he never tried out for the Olympics.
He was married to a female super model for 4 or 5 years, surprisingly. Rumors say he has told people that he has had sex with other men but does not label himself gay, straight, or bisexual. I judged him as a masculine gay man but I was wrong and now I know. You can just never know what you are looking at until you dig for it. Being queer is what I believe is the only thing each individual in this world actually has in common when it comes to sexual and gender preference.

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