Monday, November 21, 2016

Planned Parenthood on Gender

       While exploring Planned Parenthood’s website, I came across this page. If you scroll down, there are several drop down menus. Each of these aims to simplify terms to the general public concerning sex and gender. Their explanations and descriptions are easy to understand, giving people an opportunity to educate themselves. What was interesting about this site was that they aim to identify “society’s standards” surrounding each gender, but encourage their readers to break down those barriers. The sections “What is Feminine? What is Masculine?”, “What Are Gender Stereotypes?”, and “How Can I Challenge Gender Stereotypes?”, all inform the public of ways in which rigid categories can hurt people, and how to challenge them. Planned Parenthood caters to a large audience, consisting of all ages and genders. It’s great that they are encouraging people to question themselves and be who they want to be, regardless of stereotypes.

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