Friday, November 18, 2016

Male Violence

The 5 Hidden Reasons Men Become Violent and What We Can Do to Make the World Safer

This article details the reasons men can become violent.  The text calls attention to the hidden reasons, not the ones we automatically assume are the cause of violence.  We always immediately think that the news, movies, video games, rap songs/videos, etc. are the reason there are so many violent teenagers and men in our society.  This article states the following 5 hidden reasons for violence:

1. The Male brain is not wired for empathy
2. Males have higher levels of testosterone
3. Males generage lower levels of testosterone
4. Males have fewer friends than females
5. Men react more violently to shame than women 

Reading through each reason and the associated text was very interesting and provides great new insight for me regarding men and anger/violence.  However, I do believe that we all have a choice.  Yes, a man can have a large ego and be strongly upset with a humiliation he has faced.  However, he still has a choice in how he is going to act (unless of course there is a mental illness involved).  He doesn't have to yell at or hurt someone.  He can still realize the possible consequences of his actions and consciously decide to go cool off and not do any harm to another person.   

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