Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunday, November 6, 2016

This video is relevant to the upcoming presidential election and it was created by the site "College Humor" directed towards presidential candidate Donald J. Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump. In the video, the women involved are basically telling her how great she is, and how being a part of a family with Donald J. Trump is diminishing everything she is and has achieved in her life. The women of the video tell her to "Dump Trump" and question how she can pretend to support her father as a presidential candidate after all the lewd comments he has made about women and even about her, his own daughter. The women also call her out on stating that the Republican party is "fighting for equal pay and paid maternity leave" and argues that her own father made the commentary that "maternity is an inconvenience for employers".
This video relates to masculinity because of how these women feel that candidate Trump has continually put down women and the female gender with his misogynistic comments towards women. Donald Trump has posed himself on a campaign that has been based around racism towards minorities, and sexism towards women, and this video calls him out on it.

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