Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog 2: The Male Body

“Train to look good naked” is about a guy asking random women in the streets which body type she would like best and their thoughts on steroids. He shows them pictures showing from the beer belly to the most steroidal male body. This was published in 2015 so these are modern women judging these men and just like in the “Full Monty”, the females were not looking for the biggest and the strongest looking man. They wanted a nice body but not to the point where it looks like the guy is obsessed with working out. When they picked out C they would also say D a lot of the times. One girl even said, E as well. He was trying to send everyone that even the C looking like a fitness models could be on lower doses of steroids. So the girls who picked D were looking for a healthier man. D is probably healthier even though C appears to be healthier. A lot picked C or D but none of the ladies picked B. B is obviously on at least low to medium doses of steroids and if not then he is at the gym all day, in order to look like that. I love how the girls expressed A and B because I think the same as them. I am not into men like that but if they are nice to the eyes it is better for everyone. They were grossed out with A and said the B looks too bumpy. I do not know why guys think that their veins sticking out is sexy. I feel icky when I see too many veins because I feel as though if they were to graze something sharp that they will immediately bleed to death and blood will spray everywhere. Also it looks like a disease where your insides are coming on the outside and may explode. A woman wouldn’t even be able touch their muscles through all the nasty veins. Lastly, he asked how one woman liked the beer belly and she was not disgusted like she was with the body builder, A. Basically what this message is, is that too much steroids make you unappealing to women, so much that she would rather see a beer belly. So with that said, too masculine is unattractive.

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