Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Masculinity in Disney Films

This video does a wonderful job overviewing some of the common themes we've seen in the Disney movies we've come to love. Disney is known for being one of the big media franchises that either upholds or breaks stereotypes, depending on when it's fitting for them. You see common tropes such as the damsel in distress eventually break down  throughout the years, despite Disney being always seen as routine. Though Disney can be a a way of changing social norms, there are still many that they upheld. The video looks at the tropes Disney uses in terms of masculinity. Disney has shown overpowered, possessive, and sometimes violent male characters. The video overviews common themes such as the objectification of women, consistent strong physically-abled bodies, the persistence of inequality within Disney Movies. Overall, the video takes a close examiniation of the concepts we may not have understood in our childhood and makes us question how we feel about the display of those themes in current/future children movies. Looking ahead, as the norms of masculinity become more diverse,  Disney may start to accept and display different themes that are more appropriate and positive for future generations.

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