Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Donald Trump’s Victory is a Disaster for Modern Masculinity"

Regardless of your feelings on who won the election, no one can deny the fact that Trump has indeed changed the meaning of masculinity today. Trump winning the election has set modern masculinity back. As men have become more aware of the pitfalls of masculinity, even they can see that Trump's rhetoric throughout his campaign was unthinkable. With sexuality at the core of his campaign, Trump has shown the worst parts of masculinity--that women are no more than objects--and has tried to normalize it. What does it mean for the future of masculinity if the face of our nation has done nothing but continually degraded women, and treat them as less than human? How will boys be socialized in a country where the leader is known for his misogynistic rhetoric? Being masculine has always been about being dominant and strong, but now does it mean that men can "grab her by the pussy?" Does it mean that men can deflect rape allegations by claiming the accuser isn't attractive enough to be raped? Where do we draw the line? This article brought me to tears and caused me to speak to my male friends about what they can do to refine masculinity in a positive way.


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