Wednesday, November 16, 2016

 The link below recounts the story of Stephanie Giorgi, who was raped, and because of it, her hair began to fall out. The story recounts how she went out with friends and began to drink, and once she was too intoxicated to properly function, and considered a “hot mess” by her friends, they decided to call her a cab to drive her home. During this ride, she was sexually assaulted by the service driver, and woke up the next morning, like many victims do, telling herself that nothing happened and completely ignoring the incident. The daunting stress of the incident caused her hair to fall out, where she ultimately decided to go bald. She mentions that “because she did not allow herself to cry, her body was crying for her” which is what caused the severe hair loss.
In this incident, a male service driver assaulted Stephanie Giorgi and the individual that raped her most likely has no idea the repercussions that his decisions have caused someone else. This is mainly because since he was not caught or prosecuted, he will never have to be held accountable for his actions. It is terrifying that someone who is inebriated and seeking help from a service driver to simply do their job and get them home safe is able to take advantage of an individual, the way that Stephanie Giorgi was taken advantage of.

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