Monday, November 21, 2016

Language in Social Movements

       I came across this article while looking for different sources on the “feminist”, “pro-feminist” issue. Language and the ways in which we use it, especially in social movements, is so important. There is a debate among those involved in the feminist movement. The debate is what male-supporters should be called. Should they label themselves as feminist, or some other title like pro-feminist? This article provides a cartoon take on the controversy. What I found interesting was that the author related this debate to that concerning another current social movement. The LGBTQ movement has made huge steps in American society in the last few years. One of the debates centered around language is the concern of what the “A” stands for in the full acronym. Allies feel as if they are a part of the community and say it stands for “ally”, while some in the community say allies are just supporters and the “A” stands for something else, usually asexual. I believe language plays a huge role in social movements, no matter whom or what they concern.

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