Thursday, November 17, 2016

Men in Power and Violence

       I’d like to begin by saying this, in no way, is meant to be a political post. I came across the article and found it to be an excellent example of men in powerful positions and how domestic and sexual violence is overlooked. Aggressive and violent behavior is a societal “norm” for men, especially men whom seek to exemplify masculinity. Engaging in these kinds of views and behaviors is a way of proving to be masculine, or doing gender. Because of this, often men are forgiven or excused for their behavior. We’ve all heard the saying “boys will be boys”, haven’t we? Well “Donald Trump’s Top White House Advisor is Also an Accused Domestic Abuser” describes the behaviors of Stephen Bannon in regards to domestic and sexual violence. He has, on several occasions, been physically aggressive towards his wife. Former colleagues and employees describe several instances of sexual harassment. In addition, women who did not fit his ideal of a feminine, obedient woman were called a variety of sexual slurs. The problem with these things are that this man has seen no repercussions for his actions, like so many others who get away with it. Society has a tendency of viewing these as typical for men, giving little to no consequences. This reinforces male dominance and creates a cycle of abuse. If a man who holds such a prestigious position is excused, others feel they can do the same.  

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