Monday, November 21, 2016

Masculine vs. Feminine

       Masculine and feminine traits are usually the complete opposite from each other. Here I have included a picture that labels certain traits to each gender. Masculine traits are the most sought after, although most people do tend to have characteristics from both “categories”. Females seek to embody a more powerful image, taking on masculine personality traits. Anyone who fits the feminine or female category is often labeled as a lesser person in society, weak. Socialization has taught us to believe this. Growing up, boys are taught that their characteristics are better, and females are taught to be “strong” and embody non-feminine traits in order to be successful in adulthood. I believe this is incredibly wrong. Child or adult, a person should behave and present themselves however they feel fit. There should be no good or bad qualities based on gender. Females should not be considered “weak” or “submissive”, just as men should not be considered “non-emotional” or “hard”. These kind of stereotypes reduce femininity to nearly nothing, while reinforcing masculinity and dominance. 

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