Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ATTN's Take on Men Facing Pressure to Bulk Up

I came across this video while scrolling my Facebook timeline and it really reminded me of this class. Americans always hear about how women are put under tremendous pressure to look a certain way in order to attract a mate, get married, or have any worth at all. Women must be thin, fit, have big boobs, a flat stomach, and a big butt. Girls all over the world are killing themselves to fit a certain standard. However, no one ever really talks about how men face similar pressures, especially these days. It’s comforting to me that people are finally starting to acknowledge that men have just as many pressures to live up to in order to fit in as women do. And the sooner we acknowledge how we treat men in our society, the sooner we can address how men act in society and how it influences women. No one realizes that we are in cycle and need to address men’s issues as well as women’s in order to find peace in this realm. Click the link to go straight to the video.

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