Sunday, November 20, 2016

Comfortable Nathan in an Uncomfortable Situation

Comfortable Nathan in an Uncomfortable Situation (Part 2)

I have told you about my friend Nathan who is slowly evolving into who he really desires to be. Whether he changes his name to Natasha, Jessica or Marie; he will always be the most genuine person that I know. I must say, he is more fashion conscious that many women that I work with; his nails are perfectly manicured and his jewelry is always coordinated with his outfit. He continues to be comfortable in his own skin; while surrounded by people who sneer and stare at him. Nathan takes each uncomfortable situation that he is placed in. Nathan and I work around people who believe that if you are of a minority – Gay, Jewish, black, female, transgender, or any ethnicity covered by Equal Employment Opportunity laws – that you are inferior.
The latest circumstance is his choice of restroom to use while on the job. Understanding the law and finding a definition to cover is a hurdle that must be crossed.  The support of the can cause Nathan to reside in an uncomfortable situation, as he works in an area with fifty employees – 2/3’s are women who will not be happy to share a restroom with him. Stay tuned…

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