Monday, November 14, 2016

 This article is titled “Drake redefines masculinity for young men”. It is based around Drake presenting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award to Rihanna, and also opening up a new “exotic” dance club in Houston. It relates to masculinity because while presenting the award to his then “girlfriend” Rihanna, Drake applauded her hard work and talent, and when he went in for a congratulatory kiss, it is rumored that she rejected him. The exotic dance club Drake is said to have opened up in Houston, is strictly “business attire” and he is trying to redefine the way that nightclubs are known to operate by focusing on exotic dancing as an art once again. This goes to show that Drake is going against normal gender and male constructs by showing his “soft” side, not only in his personal relationships, but as well as in his business endeavors, an ideal that is not usually seen in rap culture.

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