Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blog 4: Act like a Man

This clip is about men and their insecurities when they were growing up. They also speak about what pressures society has on them to be a real man. I want to refer back to Tony Porter’s, “Guy Trouble” when he speaks about “the man box”. These guys all mention the stereotypes when explaining what the world perceives as being a man. They feel they are lacking one or more of these things and feel like less of a man.

Obviously they would not feel like this if a Son was able to speak his feelings of failure to his Father. Society does not encourage men talking to each other about feelings. Females do it and maybe it helps because most of the violent people in the world are male. Possibly men’s incarceration rate may become less if they get rid of the stereotypes in their heads. This can only have a chance of happening if we get the word out to everyone. It will not happen anytime soon but this blog is a good start in the right direction.

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