Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Trump Card of Manliness

     Forget about the election, forget the votes and protests, this is about culture.

     In recent years, I've started wondering about America's obsession with displaying its own flag everywhere imaginable, and part of my mind has dismissed it the way I used to dismiss young boys drawing phallic symbols on EVERYTHING. What it comes down to is power and the constant reminder of who has it.

     What is a Trump America? After watching Tough Guise 2, it seemed a lot less like the end of the world, and a lot more like a disappointing nod to history and the repetition of old ways. The film points out key moments in the rise of femininity leading to the equal and opposite reaction from a masculine standpoint, such as the creation of the boy scouts when women were fighting for suffrage or Reagan's election when the country had, "gone soft", and was working towards equal rights.
      So in all reality, it makes sense that a threat to a line of 44 males presidents by a qualified female would be met with opposition by a racist, misogynistic, fear-mongering, sexually aggressive, financially powerful white heterosexual male that fights for gun entitlement and against women's right to choose.

      It just means we're about where we were in 1916 mentality wise, but with a heck of a lot less trees and louder, angrier women.

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