Monday, November 14, 2016

  My orientation group at UCF allowed me to make a lifelong friend who I initially felt I had nothing in common with. Fast-forward a good three years later, and she still remains one of my closest friends. After some time of growing a connection with one another, she grew enough trust in me to tell me about an incident that had occurred in her past while she was still in high school. She recounted a story where she was at a party with friends, and an individual approached her (whom she then believed was her friend) decided to slip a date rape drug into her drink. Hours later she remembers waking up at home, with bruises and severe soreness all over her body. Her family rushed her to the hospital and a rape kit test was conducted and indeed she had been drugged and raped at that party the night prior. The individual was taken into custody and faced a few years of jail time for his actions and the decisions he made that night.

Time healed as much of the wound that it possibly could from the incident that was created that night but is any amount of time ever enough to fully overcome such a severe and traumatizing experience? 

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