Sunday, November 13, 2016

Maculinity and Violence in Young Boys

An 11 year old boy was beaten up in a middle school classroom by several other boys because he voted for Trump in a school mock election. With the recent election behind us, it is safe to say that the aftermath has been hard to watch. Protests and violence, and divisive behavior amongst the citizens of the country continue, but the real issue here is that violence amongst boys and men continue. We've been learning about masculine behavior and how it is constructed. In this case, where do you think middle school students learn that it is okay to use violence to solve issues? We have all been watching the news lately, and most of what we have seen has been ugly. Our youth is watching, and they are also watching their parents, and other family members. The use of violence in masculine culture is normative behavior that needs to be stopped. Hopefully the school takes action and not only punishes the boys at fault, but also teaches them that their behavior is wrong, and does not embody what it means to be a man.

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