Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nathan, Unspoken Hero

Today, I sat at work faced with computer trouble. You know how the day starts, running late, 30 degree temperatures, no coffee or caffeine to get you started, frost covers the windshield and then you forget your phone.  Can you say late??? Then to solidify another Monday for the week, my computer doesn’t work properly. Computers do not care who repairs them, male or female, after an hour of troubleshooting, I only wanted it fixed so that I could start my day. Lucky for me, I received a call from computer support.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to talk to Nathan, but someone else in my section received help from Nathan. The person’s hard drive crashed which meant, after troubleshooting with Nathan online and they had to work together in person to request a loaner while Nathan worked his magic.

I must caution you that the person requiring help wears his prejudice on his sleeve. Nathan is the last person he will be kind to. Today, Mitchell needed Nathan and had to look past his lavender paisley printed bubble top and cable knit leggings. Mitchell had to be nice and work with Nathan. Today, Mitchell saw Nathan as a person who was superior to him because Nathan had the knowledge and expertise to fix Mitchell’s computer. Yes I smirked all day, because for a short window of time, Mitchell was forced to set aside his prejudice, shake Nathan’s hand and be nice to him. At the end of the day, Mitch acknowledged that Nathan is alright, he’s smart and knows more about computers than all of the others in that department.

I labeled Nathan, the hero of the day, he fixed Mitchell’s system and collaborated to fix my computer. This may not seem like much of a victory, but in my work environment, we won the last leg of a marathon.

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